Most of the time I fall decidedly into the camp of “serious business” anime viewers, the sort who would list Miyazaki, Kon, and Oshii in top ten lists, attend pretentious film festival screenings of various animated works, and wax eloquent on the stylistic affectations taken by various directors (all while swirling around a pinot noir or some other high-class alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately, anime of the “srs bzns” sort is decidedly rarer compared to say – K-ON, Saki, Lucky Star, Miname-ke, Hidamari Sketch, etc., etc. – essentially, the formula “Group of girls engage in loveable hijinks based around a certain activity/school”

Certainly I would not call them bad, but as my taste in anime goes I’m positively diabetic (In particular, this makes me somewhat unique compared to the other authors on this blog). Sure, I can watch a show here and there but inevitably moe fatigue seems to develop. Character types and designs feel like they start to blend together, and for some series more than others every move seems positively calculated for the maximum pandering value (K-ON feels particularly guilty of this). Consequently, it’s a genre I rarely appreciate.

It’s interesting then that I’ve recently picked up a couple of exemplars that have melted my heart, or at least the cold barrier of cynicism regarding this genre.