FungaFuFu got started in January of 2009 as a way for a group of us to collectively blog shows that we were watching. Time has proven this somewhat untenable, our tastes are simply too different to sustain organized posting on any one series. Consequently, I’ve simply kept on posting on my own, mostly collected comments and pretentious musings. I blog fairly infrequently and mostly editorially, but you’ll find the occasional episodic coverage in here. Some samples of the sort of stuff I do, with a slight bias towards my “better-than-normal” work, of course.


About the Staff

“Baron” Vendredi

Current author on FungaFuFu. I over-analyze things quite a bit, and can spend a lot of time doing so. As a result I tend to prefer blogging anime with a sense of ambition – stuff that reaches for the moon but flops on execution is often as interesting to me as a well-executed series (although of course, I try to look for both). Unconventional animation styles, ambitious thematic content, and heavy use of folklore and mythology are all draws for me.



Site administrator and also graphic designer for the most part. You’re more likely to see his work in the background headers of the site but from time to time he makes a post. Enjoys anime that are often categorized as slice-of-life, comedy, and anything Touhou related.

Most often used phrase: “<adjective> <noun> is <adjective>”.



Occasional contributor. Often enjoys shows with mecha and shonen tropes like Code Geass and Eureka 7, but has a soft spot for family-friendly fare like Clannad and Shugo Chara.


Occasional contributor and commentator. Watches a wide variety of shows across many spectra.