May 2010

Anime|otaku goes into a lot of detail with the symbolism in episode 6; as the race goes to the swift, I’ll not re-iterate here and instead urge you to check out his post instead, as well as the commentary. His thoughts on what Watashi sees in each of the three women, as well as the character of “Johnny”, introduced here, are very insightful.

Instead I’d like to look at this episode in a more structural sense – the English club itself, and to some extent, the character of Hanuki, who is very central to this episode.



Just a collection of random musings on Tatami so far, while I get down to a post for the next episode…


A little behind with the images on this post, they will be uploaded within the next 24 hours (I hope). In the meanwhile however, all the text is done, so for those who do not mind reading blocks of text, go on ahead.

It’s good to see that Tatami Galaxy is beginning to catch on. A sampling of some other coverage so far, including other episodic blogging. It certainly makes covering the series much easier, but also means one ends up spending a lot of time commenting as well.

As for episode 5: once again, Tatami Galaxy shows it’s incredible ability to throw existing theories for a loop. There is a definite shift now in the tone of these episodes, even as they mirror prior ones. Watch carefully – unlike the previous four we get nary a hint of blame placed on Ozu. In all the prologues so far, Watashi is presented in an unfortunate situation, for which he pins responsibility dead on his chance meeting with Ozu. In this episode, however, Watashi places the blame is solely on his own shoulders.


New theme and a new look to go with the changes as well. It’s been a long time since our team has posted anything remotely resembling a team-post, so after some talk with the other authors on the site, and with their blessing, I’ve just gone ahead and made this blog primarily my own. The About page has been edited to reflect this as well.

On a tangentially unrelated note, the most searched Google term that leads to my blog seems to be “Battletech” – the 4th result on Google Image Search is an image I posted for Building a Realer Robot.

…but the idea that you’d go so far as to train didn’t figure into my expectations.”

Tatami Galaxy has begun to settle into a somewhat familiar pattern, but each repetition begins to feel slightly more intense than the one before it. Watashi’s problem starts to come out in the repetition of these two episodes, and as I’ve noted previously, it is the conflict that stems from his own stubborn pride.


Haven't we had this conversation before?

Episode 2 has completely blown my expectations out of the water, but in a good way. If anything, this show has me hook, line, and sinker. It does mean however I have a lot to talk about, so this may be a long entry. Compared to the first, this one is much slower as well, with less reams of exposition. Let’s talk Tatami Galaxy again.