I recently went to watch Les Miserables with Vendredi (yeah, Vendredi was nice enough to forfeit a true animé moment by going with a girl and decided to gow ith me instead :/ ). It was an amazing musical, and the songs were really catchy, especially this one: 

Vendredi commented that Enjolras reminded him of Lelouch; I guess its appropriate, not only for the French-ish names, but because of their drive to make a “new world” by violently opposing the current government. 

I commented (I’m not as much of an intellectual as Vendredi) that Éponine is like the Kyou of Les Miserables (or Kyou is the Éponine of Clannad). Kyou, like Éponine, doesn’t get the boy she likes and is a ‘childhood friend’ of. Kyou has to tolerate his friend ignore her as a potential lover, and even acts as a ‘go-between’ (in the case of Kyou, she tries to pair Okazaki with Ryou, and in the case of Éponine, she delivers Marius’ message to Cosette).

I think Éponine even has the makings of a proto-tsundere, if you really make yourself see it. The only difference is that, Éponine dies in Marius’ arms, while Kyou doesn’t die at all, but just grows out of loving Okazaki.


Anyway, in my wild Les Miserables fandom right after the play, I found that there was a Les Miserables animé, Shojo Cosette with adorable loli Cosette. There was also a fighting game of all things–I’d choose Éponine :D