June 2009

I’ve been trying to work on implementing an atmospheric scattering model for a while. Originally, I went with the ATI paper by Hoffman and Preetham, but I didn’t like the results. Or rather, I couldn’t get the right scattering coefficients to get it to work nicely. I then considered Sean O’Neil’s article on GPU Gems 2, but I felt it was a little over my head. I ended up using Ralf Nielsen’s thesis. I don’t intend to talk about the techniques used, you can just read the papers if you’re interested.

It took me a month to get this far. Since I don’t really know what to say, I’ll just put some pictures.



Sword of the Stranger is very much a homage to the whole period samurai flick, or jidaigeki. All the affectations are here: the nameless ronin, copious violence and gore, initial reluctance to drawn steel, vicious enemy/rival seeking a worthy opponent, etc. etc. It’s certainly not what I would call incredibly ambitious, but it’s excellence is found not so much in originality but rather in how perfect the execution is. It is the attention paid to a lot of subtle details – no frame is ever really wasted. Rarou’s fighting style, for example, is noticeably “Chinese” in some aspects (these come through more in his final duel) and would not feel terribly out of place in a wuxia film. Some spoilers to follow after the break.