March 2009

Done in Traditional 4-koma style!

Done in Traditional 4-koma style!

Random Filler. Shows an anime watching session me, Phazys and Vendredi had. Try to guess who’s who.


PS: Less crappy posts coming up, I promise!


Quick post just to let you all know we’re not dead. Midterms are in and we’ve all been very busy. Have an awesome Reimu video while you wait.

Teampost coming up soon.



Well, at least she didn't say she was atheist...

Episode 8 of Maria†Holic turned out to be particularly intriguing – although for most, I am sure that the highlight was Kanako’s enthusiastic performance of “Cosplay Angel”. Some have even gone so far as to make it out to be the redeeming facet of her character. While entertaining, that wasn’t what most piqued my interest.


…it really has a scary sort of accuracy. It’s also fairly entertaining for a humanities major like myself. Wonder if the Japanese author does any research. More Canadian strips (along with author commentary) here. Plenty of other countries are represented in the comic in a parodic fashion as well, so possibly worth a look for the curious.