Old stuff is old, I know. But just recently I picked up the first and second seasons of Hidamari Sketch.

To summarize the first season, it was very entertaining. The jokes were well played out, the episodes (though randomly ordered) were easy enough to follow. The characters, each with their own personalities, meshed extremely well together. To top it all off, the anime was relaxing and extremely refreshing. After a tiresome school day with only a mountain of homework to await me after my 2 hour bus commute, my only sanctuary would be this anime. Filled with nothing but smile after smile, this anime had me beaming throughout. No weird characters, no super-megas-fighting action, no convoluted plots that end in trainwrecks; this anime still delivered to me what I wanted to see: A normal day at a (kind of) normal school with friends having fun. In other words: A Slice Of fricking Life.

That being said, after watching a very entertaining first season, I was prepared to watch an episode of the second today. No amount of warning could have prepared me for the mindgasm that was Hidamari Sketch x365.

Words cannot begin to describe the overflowing, gushing, river of utter excitement I had when I saw this scene.

holy crap.
Holy Crap!

Expecting a continuation of the first season in terms of episodes, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that instead, they started with the “first” episode. Starting with an introduction to Yuno, an earnest, innocent, “sweet young girl”-type, the anime follows her taking a private High School entrance exam for the prestigious “Yamabuki High Arts School”.

I wish I had an awesome mom like that. *flex*

The story continues with her moving into the adjacent Hidamari Apartments, and meeting the other students who live there.

Pink highway+sparkling crosses = epic moving scene.

Anyways, with her moving in we meet the other main characters who we were introduced to briefly in the previous season, but more formally now in the second. First we have Miya, the eat-a-lot, generic ‘genki’-type who plays the boke to the other characters. Then we have Hiro, who plays the self-conscious, dieting, ‘house-wife’ type. And finally we have Sae, the slightly tsundere, slightly lesbian, ‘cool’-type who plays the tsukkomi the most to the other characters.


Now in terms of animation quality, again, SHAFT delivers. Keeping true to the old style of the previous season known for it’s quirky props that used images from real-life, SHAFT has upped the anty with much higher quality animation. Seeing the first minute or so of the anime was enough to win me over. It was simply amazing. I could not count the number of “hnnnnngggg” s I had when I watched this episode. Not only that, but they also kept true to their crazy-stylistic opening, which you can watch below.

Amazing OP is amazing.

So if you haven’t seen this anime yet, and you’re looking for a good slice of life comedy. I highly recommend picking this one up. You can probably watch the second season right off the bat.

TL;DR: Watch Hidamari x365. kthxbai.