maria holicep1SS1

I dimmed those lights.

So a new year started right off the bat. And right off of that bat came a few new anime seasons, one of these being the awesome show that is Maria†Holic.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but my fan boyism rages massive heights whenever a show includes things that not only peak my interest, but also showcase them all in such a grandiose scheme of epic proportions that even I have a hard time to grasp it.

Ohhhhhh yeeaaahhhh~

I think I died a little inside.

From traps, neko-mimi’s, and lesbians, this show twists it in such a way that you are left flabbergasted in the way it’s portrayed. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of anime with wackier settings, but I’m pretty sure in terms of quality and story-telling, this one takes the cake.


Now, ignoring the plot, in terms of animation quality, it’s quite different from most of SHAFT’s visuals that I’ve seen in the past (things include: Hidamari Sketch, Zetsubou Sensei, ef, etc.). By this I mean that it seems a lot less random from what I’ve usually seen from SHAFT’s works. Though it does retain SHAFT’s signature heavy coloured character silhouettes, it does seem a lot less stimulating and “omg i just saw something random, i’m going to press the spacebar then rewind frame by frame to see what it says every 2 minutes, hahahahhahahahahahahahha” -esque. Of course, my doubts were swept away when I saw the acid-trip heavy ending sequence that delivered me a cake.

As always, SHAFT delivers when it comes to ED sequences.

TL;DR: If you like comedy and hilarious wacky situations, you should definitely pick this up.

I will continue to watch this anime with fervent eyes.